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Meat and Mistress: HALLOWEEN

Meat and Mistress: HALLOWEEN


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The Macbeth 70 Hoxton St N1 6LP
9pm - 4am

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It’s Halloween! Party curators The Island present ‘Meat & Mistress’, delivering their usual theatrics with verve and gory zeal. Blending snarling live music with DJ sets aplenty, this year’s Halloween promises to serve up all the usual delights that only an Island party (The Island's Metal Night, TEENAGE DREAMHOUSE, Voodooteque) can offer.



Self described as 'RUSSIAN PROSTITUTE ROCK' the infamous Manflu will be performing a set consisting entirely of songs from the first four albums by The Cure. ..We love Manflu. ..We love The Cure. Ahhh! Goodie.

Techno Deathmort:
The sirs of Necro Deathmort will be throwing down some heavy beats for a special techno version of their usual electronic textural doom. Prepare some kind of evil dancing shoes, it's going to get sweaty.


Adrian Storry - Pure Dancefloor Filth
The Girls Are - 90's / Hip-Hop / R&B
Charleigh Blue - Post Punk / Psyche / No Wave
Jon Lemon & NMBC - Metal / Blues / Tarantino

Plus LIGHTING, VFX & DECOR by The Island team.

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